Upcoming TUP analysis

These are some of the subjects we’re analyzing now, and that you will see soon. We will provide the analysis in any of the many deliverables forms of TUP – MetaFAQs, TUPdates, Highlights, TUP Tables, or other deliverables.

If there any of these analysis topics you would like to prioritize, please contact MetaFacts.

Working TitleBrief SummaryTUP LensesTUP Topics
Female recessionWomen disproportionately work in industries and roles affected by the pandemic. What has changed in their employment status, work-from-home levels, and use of technology? Work/Life Balance, Households, DevicesGender, Usage profile, Employment, Economics
Home Entertainment DevicesWhat are the major home entertainment devices? How do these compare to the user’s connected devices?Home Entertainment, Devices, ActivitiesTV, Movies, Home entertainment, Game-playing
Who are the fun-seekers?Who uses the largest collection of gaming platforms – from consoles to gaming PCs and their connected devices used for playing games. How has this changed?Game Consoles, Game-Playing, and Gaming PCsMicrosoft, Sony, Nintendo, Game consoles, Game playing, Activities, Gaming PCs, Demographics