TUP Devices Lens

This lens provides a top-level overview of technology users based on the devices they use.

Very few users use only one type connected device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, PC, or game console. Instead, most users actively use a combination of connected devices. This TUP lens details device penetration, device combinations of key devices, and the activities of their many devices.

Summary of subjects covered in the Devices lens tables

SubjectsExamples of TUP Questions AnsweredTable Row Numbers
Usage ProfileTotal hours using devices, User segment, ISP150 USAGE
Key DevicesKey devices used, such as any Smartphone, any Desktop, any Game Consoles, and others250 DEV_KEY
Overall DevicesNumber of devices by operating system270 DEV
Device #1-Device #5Details about the first 5 connected devices in active use – Smartphones, PCs, Tablets, or Game consoles271 DEV1-275 DEV5
UnitsNumber of devices used in last 90 days, by form factor (PCs, Desktop PCs, Smartphones, etc.) 490 UNITS
Device ActivitiesThe activities across all devices as well as by each device number625 ACT_DEV

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