TUP Datasets

Need to deeply understand tomorrow’s, today’s, and yesterday’s technology markets — who’s using which products and services?

Want the real data, not speculations, on what technology users actually use, which users are using which technologies, what other products and services they use, and how they are using the products?

Then you need the Technology User Profile – Datasets from MetaFacts.

The Technology User Profile “TUP” datasets embody the foundation of the research. Included in each wave’s datasets are the answers to hundreds of pivotal questions, all gathered from a representative sample and projected to the entire market.

Technology User Profile has been conducted continuously since 1983, so a wealth of in-depth trending information is available. Serious forecasters know that true history and a deep snapshot of the present is fundamental to predicting the future.


In Technology User Profile datasets, you’ll find extensive details on buying habits, usage and plans in a variety of technology categories, enabling you to drill down to the key information you need to answer questions such as the following:

  • Market size: What is the size of the market? What is the size of the installed base, in total as well as within specific segments? What was that size at a given point in time and how has that changed, within my own market segments?
  • Market opportunities: What are the opportunities in the market? Which segments are under-penetrated and which are saturated or well-served? How has this changed over time?
  • Adoption rates: What technology products and services is the market actually adopting, and how quickly (or slowly)? What are the adoption rates and trends? Who is adopting what?
  • Demographic landscape: What is the demographic landscape, both for key segments and specific target markets?
  • Buying process: How do customers buy technology products and services? What is the purchase process? Where do customers shop, and where do they buy?

Technology User Profile is a ready resource so you have solid information at your fingertips when urgent ad-hoc needs arise and you don’t want to have to undertake a lengthy search or expensive study.

  • To create the future by deeply understanding the past, there is no substitute for TUP datasets: how else can you know what technology users were thinking and doing five or ten years ago?

Technology User Profile can help you answer specific questions for understanding your market.

Each Technology User Profile – Datasets contain the actual data derived from Technology User Profile, covering the complete spectrum of technology users, including knowledge workers, salespeople, factory workers, retirees, the self-employed and the unemployed. Technology User Profile surveys a large representative sample of thousands of respondents on their habits and plans for use of PCs, the Internet, printers, software and other high technology devices, both at home and in the workplace.

The TUP Datasets are available in a wide range of formats to fit your analytical needs, of which SPSS and SAS are the most popular. TUP Datasets are also provisioned for use in the simple-to-use yet powerful web-based MarketSight tool. Some clients prefer to use the TUP Datasets in Microsoft Excel, such as for use with pivot tables.

Rely on the benefits of the Technology User Profile Datasets:

  • Each fact is based on the tested, proven Technology User Profile sample of thousands of respondents
  • Be assured that the data is based on a solid sampling and weighting methodology, and the results are a true indicator of the total market segment being measured
  • Have confidence knowing you can build your business on the research history and expertise of MetaFacts

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