TUP Coverage

Technology User Profile Coverage


Stable projection methodology.

When I need something right away, it’s probably in Technology User Profile.

Technology User Profile® is a syndicated survey that captures overall PC, Internet, Printer, and Mobile Phone usage, including tech product and service, and demographic characteristics of thousands of online and offline technology users, carefully balanced to be representative of the market.

Because Technology User Profile captures and delivers an integrated view, it can provide those critical relationships between Users, Products and Activities that really let you know what is going on in more depth than single-dimension estimates.

  • Market size
    • What is the market size?
    • What is the installed base, in total as well as for specific segments?
  • Market opportunities
    • What are opportunities in the market?
    • Which segments of the market are under penetrated and which are saturated or well-served?
  • Customer demand
    • What do customers want?
    • What are their demands and preferences for products and services?
  • Adoption rates
    • What technology products and services is the market adopting?
    • What are the adoption rates and trends?
    • Who is adopting what?
  • Demographic landscape
    • What is the demographic landscape, both for key segments and specific target markets?
  • Competition
    • How are the major technology competitors performing?
  • Distribution
    • What are the distribution channels for technology products and services?
  • Buying process
    • How do customers buy technology products and services?
    • What is the purchase process?
    • Where do customers shop, and where do they buy?
  • Segments
    • How is the market segmented?
    • What are the segments by industry, by customer group, and for partners?
  • Products
    • What are the major products in the market?
    • What is the installed base?
  • Other – The many other areas covered in Technology User Profile, from technology products and services to market segments.
    • Product penetration by selected market segment
    • Printer – PC tie ratios
    • Installed base
    • Buyer loyalty
    • Adoption/Retirement rates

These and many other solutions have been implemented for years by clients using Technology User Profile “TUP.” It has a breadth, depth and consistency that keeps Technology User Profile as a trusted resource for decades.

For further details on the specific users and markets, technology products and services, locations, attitudes and other specifics included in TUP, contact MetaFacts.