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Home Printing Trends – US 2019 [TUPdate]


Printing at home has changed in recent years. Printer manufacturers continue to innovate in order to compete and encourage broad active printer use.

This TUPdate looks at the major trends in home printing in the US, and examines how users have changed in both what they print and their volume of printing. Also, it examines printing trends with respect to the broadened use of mobile devices. Further, it looks into whether younger adults print more or less than older ones, and whether presence of children makes a difference.

The source for this analysis is MetaFacts TUP/Technology User Profile, with results from waves 2015 through 2019, all based on surveys of from 7,326 to 8,060 online adults in the US.

Home Printer Penetration

The majority of online adults in the US use a home printer, although market penetration has dropped over the last two years.

In 2019, 68% of online adults in the US actively use a home printer. This is effectively the same level as in 2018 – 67%. However, this share had been a stable 73% between 2015 to 2017.

The decline has been driven by substitutes, primarily increased use mobile devices

Home Printer Page Volume Has Declined

While the penetration of home printers has dropped slowly then stabilized, the number of pages being printed has dropped faster.

The average number of pages printed per month has dropped from 38.6 per month in 2015 to 31.8 in 2019, a reduction of nearly 20%.

Mobile Substitutes For Printing

One of the biggest contributors to the decline in printing – the mass move to mobile platforms. Americans are increasingly using their smartphones to find their way instead of printing maps or directions. That change is happening surely yet slowly.

It may surprise many digital natives that as many as 43.7 million Americans still occasionally print maps/directions.

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How Many Printers? (MetaFAQs)

How prevalent is printing from PCs, Smartphones, and Tablets?

One key measure of the breadth of printing is simply the per capita use.

Based on our most recent wave of TUP surveys, Connected Adults in the U.S. actively use 1.5 printers on average. Furthermore, 37% regularly use 2 or more printers.metafacts-metafaqs-mq0007-2016-10-28_16-27-04

As detailed in other results from TUP, printer usage has shifted in recent years with the growing use of mobile devices. With the continued improvements in camera technology and growing collection of connected devices in active use, there has been continued expansion in the number of images and documents. At the same time, as users have shifted more of their sharing online and in-person, this has had a dampening effect on printing. Taken together, these and other similar changes in user demand have continued to changed the marketplace.

This MetaFAQs research result addresses one of the many questions profiling active printer users.

Many other related answers are part of the full TUP service, available to paid subscribers. The TUP chapter with the most information about Printers and Printing Activities is the TUP 2016 Printers Chapter.

These MetaFAQs are brought to you by MetaFacts, based on research results from their most-recent wave of Technology User Profile (TUP).

For more information about MetaFacts and a complimentary subscription to insights from MetaFacts, simply make a request. For corporate marketers interested in paid access to the full results, analysis, and datasets, please contact MetaFacts.

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Printers and Printing – solid research results from Technology User Profile

Extensive information about PC, Smartphone, Tablet, and cloud printing is available in TUP – Technology User Profile.

Certain segments of consumers are increasingly finding ways to share some images and documents without printing, while other segments continue to print as usual.

Below are a few examples of questions addressed in TUP related to printers and printing activities. The full TUP service enables drilling down beyond the answers to these questions to identify which other technologies, services and behaviors are disruptive and to profile which market segments are and aren’t adopting. TUP is much more than a one-dimensional market view or opinion piece.

  • How many printers do people actively use?
  • How do Home Printer users differ from those primarily using Work or Shared printers?
  • Are most workplace printers in small or large businesses?
  • Which home printer brands have attracted tech Early Adopters?
  • Whose Home Printer customers have the most printers?
  • Whose Home Printer customers are more likely to use Monochrome than Color?
  • Whose Home Printer customers are most likely to use WiFi to connect their printer?
  • Whose Home Printer customers have the newest Printers?
  • Whose Home Printer customers use their devices for the broadest range of Graphics/Image activities?
  • Whose Home Printer customers are the biggest overall tech spenders?
  • How does the market share vary between Home and Work printers?
  • How does the market share vary between Home and Work printers by printer type?
  • How much does the HP printer footprint overlap Canon, Epson, and Brother?
  • Where are monochrome printers used the most, and by what margin?
  • Which printers are newest – Home, Workplace, or Public/shared?
  • Do users print more pages on Home, Workplace, or Shared/Public printers?
  • What is the frequency of printer consumables purchase?
  • To what extent is refilled ink being used for Home printers?
  • How much does the average home printer users\ spend on printers and ink/toner?
  • Which segments have the highest share using refilled ink/toner?
  • Whose Home Printer customers spend the most for ink, toner, or paper?
  • Whose Home Printer customers are most likely to use refilled ink/toner?
  • Special printer paper? Who uses it and what for? Is it only photos, or something else?
  • Do color laser printer users use their devices for graphics or images more than average users?
  • Among Home printer users, what is the preferred device for graphics/image activities?
  • What are the main printer activities?
  • What are the most common documents (maps, spreadsheets, photos, etc.) that consumers print on their inkjet printers? How about their laser printers?
  • How many are using their home printer to print images directly from their Smartphones or Tablets?
  • How many people use remote printing services?
  • Are many users using remote printing services? Are these using their Internet-ready printers or online printing services?
  • Which segments are using remote printing as a substitute for home printing, and which as an additional way to print?
  • How prominent is printing images from mobile phones? How about from tablets?
  • Are most Home printers purchased from the same types of outlets as ink/toner is?
  • Are most Home printers purchased from the same types of outlets as Home PCs are?
  • Where are printer users buying their printer supplies? Are these the same channels as where they buy their printers?
  • What channels do people use for buying PCs? How about printers and printer supplies?
  • Where do people buy their printer supplies?
  • Which segments are utilizing cloud storage or sharing services? For which activities?

If solid answers to any of these questions would help your work in creating the future, please contact MetaFacts.

MetaFacts, Inc. helps technology marketers find and measure their best and future customers.

Current subscribers of Technology User Profile may obtain this information directly from MetaFacts, as well as additional customized drilling down into the full TUP datasets.

For more information on the results delivered in TUP and about how to subscribe, please contact MetaFacts.

The above questions are answered with the TUP 2014 edition, and most are also answered in earlier TUP editions for ready trend comparison.

About MetaFacts

MetaFacts, Inc. is a market research firm focusing exclusively on the technology industries. MetaFacts’ Technology User Profile (TUP) survey is the longest-running, large-scale comprehensive study of its kind, conducted continuously since 1983, the year before Apple released the Apple Macintosh. The detailed results are a primary market sizing and segmentation resource for leading companies providing consumer-oriented technology products and services, such as PCs, printers, software applications, peripherals, consumer electronics, mobile computing, and related services and products. TUP analyzes key trends and the data-rich source can be dived into more deeply for custom analysis. For more information about the syndicated research service, analysis tools, publications and datasets, contact MetaFacts at 1-760-635-4300.

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