Headsets – our sound islands [TUPdate]

Dan Ness, Principal Analyst, MetaFacts – December 10, 2020

Wireless Bluetooth headsets get a booster

Wireless Bluetooth headsets have been in the news lately, widely promoted as a year-end gift accessory. As a category, they have been available for decades, so why the latest emphasis, and is there enough demand for them?

Market demand has gotten stronger during 2020 in large part due to changed playing and working conditions. With the pandemic and stay-at-home restrictions worldwide, many people are now nearby a distinct set of people than they might interact with at their workplace or school. While quarantines can be a bonding experience, there can be added pressure when the sounds we make or listen to impinge on others.

Listening widespread, although differs by device type

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or perhaps the ear. The music some may consider beautiful may seem like noise to others. Similarly, the phone call we may think thoughtful may sound to others like distracting chatter.

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Apple MacBooks and Windows Notebooks Used Differently by Americans [MetaFAQs]

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How prevalent are listening activities? [MetaFAQs]

Dan Ness, Principal Analyst, MetaFacts, November 8, 2020

How prevalent or ubiquitous are listening activities? Are all smartphones, PCs, and tablets being used for some type of listening activity – music, TV, movies, phone calls, or video calls? This MetaFAQ reports on the percent of online adults who regularly do some type of listening activity, by device type, and by country.

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News, sports, and weather-for all ages, not all devices [MetaFAQs]

Dan Ness, Principal Analyst, MetaFacts, November 5, 2020

Some information such as news, sports, and weather are most useful when they’re current and easily available. There are many ways to get this information across smartphones, PCs, or tablets. Some users are more actively intent on tapping into this information, and different age groups prefer different devices. This MetaFAQs reports on the active use of checking the news, sports, and weather information by smartphone, PC, tablet, or across all three. Further, it reports on activity levels by age group and country.

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