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Every Step You Take – Smartphone Step-Trackers (TUPdate)

Every Step You Take – Smartphone Step-Trackers – a TUPdate by Dan Ness, March 24, 2017

Baby steps count, as long as they’re in the right direction.  Digital health promises positive outcomes for a wide range of people. However, like gym memberships and home treadmills, they don’t do much unless people use them. A first step for many is to use what’s handy. Most Smartphones can track a user’s steps, and many are being used for that purpose, although use isn’t as widespread as Fitness Trackers or Smartwatches.

Phone Home or Walk Home?

Using one’s Smartphone to track steps is a regular activity for 25 million, or 1 in 9, US adults. There are other ways to track one’s health. Electronics activity trackers, such as the FitBit, are being actively used by 39.6 million, or 18% of US adults.
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Are tech wearers early adopters? (MetaFAQs on Wearable Technology)

Today’s earliest adopters of wearable technology include some, but not only, the earliest tech adopters. The first 10% of connected adults are using any of a HeadCam (such as a GoPro), a fitness tracker (such as FitBit), or a Smartwatch. These leading users are 41% higher than the average connected adult in their share of Early Adopters for key tech products. 22% of these adults sporting a wearable device were the first in their age group to adopt a PC, Mobile phone, or Tablet PC.GoPro goes surfing Creative Commons License courtesy Gordon Tarpley

Expanding the definition of wearable technology to include actively used Bluetooth Headsets, this group accounts for 18% of connected adults. These wearable technology users also include a higher-than-average share of Early Adopters, with 21%.

Although wearable technology products have been available and market-tested for decades, market conditions are finally pointing to this as an area of growth. Mobility as a lifestyle has expanded beyond the core road warriors into other market segments. Furthermore, awareness has broadened beyond the small set of enthusiasts. A substantial number of connected adults say they are eager to be “first” with wearable technology, and these aren’t only the early adopters.

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