Which employees are using Windows 7 PCs? (MetaFAQs)

Employers vary considerably in how quickly they adopt new operating systems for their employee’s computers.

With Microsoft’s massive efforts to upgrade their installed base to Windows 10, which employees are using Windows 7?

Four in ten (40%) of employees working for employers with 1,000 or more employees are using Windows 7. By comparison, the more-nimble smaller and medium-size organizations only have one-fourth of their PC-using employees with Windows 7.mq0082-2016-09-29_12-19

Larger organizations have consistently been laggards in adopting new information technology products of nearly all kinds. There are many good justifications, from spending controls, security concerns, or training issues. Often, organizations of all sizes have specific in-house or custom applications that needs to work flawlessly on newer operating systems.

Looking deeper into our TUP research results, we’ve found several notable industries which are further along in moving beyond Windows 7 and adopting Windows 10 or even moving to Apple Macs.These pioneers are finding ways to use newer technology for their competitive advantage.

We expect larger organizations as a whole to continue with their careful, if slower, adoption of newest technology.

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