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Apple & the future digital home?

The Apple digital home will continue to look different than non-Apple households. Apple households plan to buy a different set of consumer electronics products and services than non-Apple households. Some of the planned products are downright retro, so may come as a surprise to those who believe Apple households only use the most advanced, leading-edge technology.

Apple iPods
Despite Apple’s efforts to engage and possibly convert Windows users through music – particularly with iPods – that direction is losing some steam. A higher percentage of Apple households plan to buy an Apple iPod than households without Apples. One in eight (13%) of Apple households plan to buy an iPod within the coming 12 months, stronger than the one in fifteen (7%) of non-Apple households similarly planning. This is not fantastic news for Apple, although these plans are notable, as iPods are included in the top 25 consumer electronics products or services non-Apple households plan to buy.

Apple’s strategy to draw new customers into its retail stores is working, and iPod is a big part of that.

  • Households without Apple Home PCs that shop or buy at Apple’s retail stores are different from Apple Home PC households.
  • 60% of non-Apple households that shop at Apple’s retail stores have an Apple iPod and 15% plan to buy one in the next 12 months. Apple iPods are a big draw for these retail shoppers. Among non-Apple households overall, whether they shop at Apple retail stores or not, only 7% have iPod purchase plans.
  • 35% use a portable MP3 made by one of Apple’s competitors.
Apple Households Want Different Consumer Electronics Products and Services Than Non-Apple Households - Apple Profile Report 2008

Apple Households Want Different Consumer Electronics Products and Services Than Non-Apple Households – Apple Profile Report 2008

Analog TVs?!
Knowing how generally advanced and electronics-savvy Apple households are, it may come as a surprise that the second-ranked product or service they plan to buy is a converter box for analog TVs. Looking more deeply, though, this product has been a surprise for governmental planners. After all, most PC households already have a subscription TV service. However, these households also have many, sometimes older, TVs and are plugged into the broadcast media enough to have heard the announcements.

Film and box cameras?
Digital imaging plays a large part of the Apple household’s life. So, there may be some surprise that they are using disposable single-use cameras and getting any digital images from film processors, and more often than non-Apple households. More than one-third (36%) of Home PC households have a film camera they still use, typically in addition to a digital camera. Also, disposable single-use cameras meet the need for impulse images when one’s digital camera or cell phone camera is either inoperative or of too-low resolution.

Movies and videos and DVDs
The Internet is a big part of entertainment in both Apple and non-Apple households, with 76% and 75% agreeing with that statement, respectively. Videos on DVDs are a big part of that, and are behind usage and future plans. Currently, 50% of Apple households rent DVDs through outlets such as Netflix or Blockbuster; another 8% plan to do so in the coming 12 months. This is higher than among non-Apple households, where 45% of households rent today and 6% plan to do so within the coming year.

More from mobile
Apple notebook computers make up 64% of the installed base, compared to 45% of Windows PCs. Apple notebook users bring their Home notebooks out to more public locations than Windows mobile PC users, at 21% of Apple PCs compared with 12% of Windows PCs. So, it may be no surprise and no reflection on Apple’s battery technology that plans to purchase notebook batteries are stronger among Apple households than Windows households. At 9% of Apple households, the gap over Windows households is only slight, with 7% of Windows households having these purchase plans.


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Some households with older Windows versions are planning to upgrade while still taking advantage of older technology

It might be presumed that households with older versions of Windows are also laggards for other products, from consumer electronics to peripherals.

Three out of 25 (15%) households with older versions of Windows are planning to buy a flat panel LCD monitor and one in ten (10%) are planning to subscribe to broadband; while one in four (24%) Older Windows Households are planning to buy a digital to analog TV converter box.


This information is released from the Home Operating Systems Profile Report, a Technology User Profile solution from MetaFacts. It is based on recent survey-based research, reporting directly from a representative sample of actual users. The Home Operating Systems Profile Report is available for immediate purchase through the online store at the MetaFacts website – MetaFacts.com

Other findings in the MetaFacts Operating Systems Profile Report include:

  • Operating System Landscape
    • Multi-PC and Multi-OS Households
  • Home Operating Systems and Demographics
    • Having children in the household does make a difference for Vista
    • Household employment and operating system
    • Education level and operating system within the household
    • Annual household income and operating system
    • People age 18-34 are using more Apple primary home PCs than older people
  • Purchase Channels
    • Apple gets a bigger share of direct sales than Windows PCs
  • PC Brands & Operating Systems
    • New PC brands bought by operating system
    • Total installed base for all primary home PCs shows some movement from the big brands in the new PC market
  • Changes in PC Form Factors – Laptops are coming on strong as new primary PC form factor
  • How Different Operating Systems are Used Differently
    • Email is the most frequent activity of users on all primary home PCs
    • New primary home PC user activities
  • Operating Systems and Other Consumer Electronics
    • Handheld device use and operating system of the household
    • Imaging behavior and household operating system
    • Television viewing habits and operating system in the household
    • Convenience is the key for households that have at least one Apple Home PC
    • Some Older Windows Households are planning to upgrade while still taking advantage of older technology
  • Technology Attitudes and Operating Systems
    • Attitudes of adult PC users vary with operating system

MetaFacts releases ongoing research on the market shifts and profiles for Windows Vista, Mobile PCs, Workplace PCs, Home PCs, Broadband, Digital Imaging, and many other technology industry topics. These Profile Reports are in a series on specific topics utilizing the Technology User Profile Annual Edition study, which reveals the changing patterns of technology adoption and use in American households and businesses. Interested technology professionals can sign up at http://technologyuser.com/contact/ for complimentary TUPdates, periodic snapshots of technology markets.

About MetaFacts

MetaFacts, Inc. is a national market research firm focusing exclusively on the technology industries. MetaFacts’ Technology User Profile survey is the longest-running, large-scale comprehensive study of its kind, conducted continuously since 1983, the year before Apple released the Apple Macintosh. The detailed results are widely recognized as a primary marketing resource for Fortune 1000 companies providing consumer-oriented technology products and services, such as PCs, printers, peripherals, mobile computing, and related services and products. For more information, contact MetaFacts at 1-760-635-4300 or www.metafacts.com

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Mobile Computer Users are Now in the Majority

Press Release – September 2008

Mobile Computer Users are Now in the Majority, according to MetaFacts Busy Mobiles Profile Report

The largest segment of busy mobiles are personally owned and desk-bound, overshadowing highly mobile corporate road warriors

Mobile PCs have moved into the majority, with 53% of computer-using adults using either a notebook or tablet PC, according to the Busy Mobiles Report from MetaFacts, Inc.

Busy Mobiles Profile Report

Busy Mobiles Profile Report

“Mobile PC users are very busy” said Dan Ness, Principal Analyst at MetaFacts. “Nearly 13 million adults use a notebook or tablet PC 40 or more hours per week, and 60% of these active users regularly use three or more PCs, moving between home, work, and publicly-owned PCs.”

The large-scale nationwide survey found that 44% of the mobile PCs used 40 or more hours per week are owned by households, 31% are owned by businesses with 1,000 or more employees, and 25% by small & medium businesses, education, and government. 

The survey also revealed that the busiest mobile PC users are very different than the least-busy mobile users, being uniquely tied to their PCs with instant messaging, streaming music, and maintaining their calendars. “The busiest mobile PC users rely on high-speed internet connections for a very wide range of PC activities, from day-to-day work to having fun,” said Ness.

The busiest mobile PCs are not as mobile as might be expected – 43% are used in only one location, 13% are used in two locations, and 44% are used in three or more locations.

“Mobile computing is a sport for the young,” said Dan Ness, Principal Analyst at MetaFacts. “Nearly one-third (31%) of the busiest mobile users are males age 18 to 34, almost a quarter (23%) are females age 18 to 34, and one-sixth (16%) are males age 35 to 44.”

Other findings in the Busy Mobiles Profile Report include:

  • Dell is strongest among busy mobiles and for Apple, it’s a strong segment
  • More than three-fourths (76%) of the busiest mobile PC users spend more time with their PC(s) than watching TV
  • Seven of 22 occupational groups use over half of the busiest mobile PCs
  • Busy Mobile PC Households are above average in their use of consumer electronics, and have above-average buying plans for additional High-Definition TVs (HDTV), digital video recorders, and even Digital-to-Analog Converter Boxes for older TVs

The Busy Mobiles Profile Report is based on surveys with over 10,000 American adults by telephone and online as part of the Technology User Profile 2008 Annual Edition study.

The Busy Mobiles Profile Report is available for immediate purchase through the online store at the MetaFacts website – MetaFacts.com

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