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MarketSight Survey Analysis Software is an ideal tool to get the most from TUP/Technology User Profile. The powerful tool from MarketSight allows TUP subscribers to analyze and share information. To make it even easier for TUP clients to enjoy the combination of TUP with MarketSight, MetaFacts has customized its TUP datasets to work well within MarketSight. This includes complete labeling, assignment of missing values, categorization of variables, and the creation of hundreds of standard cross-tabs which can be used as a foundation for deeper drill-down analysis and client customization.

About MarketSight

MarketSight – changing the way Market Researchers analyze and present data

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, MarketSight LLC is a leading provider of web-based software to the Market Research industry, and is the developer of MarketSight®, an intuitive data analysis platform for creating crosstabs, running statistical tests, and creating interactive charts and dashboards. MarketSight supports all leading survey data formats, including SPSS, SAS, Triple-S and Excel, and provides industry-leading integration with PowerPoint and Excel. The MarketSight solution is 100% web-based, enabling access from anywhere using a web browser. MarketSight is easy to learn and use, requires minimal training and setup and automatically selects the right stats to run, so users do not need an extensive statistical background to use the product. Find out more at