About MetaFacts

MetaFacts helps technology marketers find and measure their best and future customers. Our Technology User Profile survey uses solid methods to deliver quick, customized answers. Additionally, our custom research delivers proprietary answers.

MetaFacts is a market research firm focusing on technology markets, primarily the computer and telecommunications industries.

The company’s research service – TUP/Technology User Profile is used by leading technology firms for market sizing, segmentation, profiling, and analysis. Conducted continuously since 1983, the syndicated survey includes demographic and comprehensive technology use profiles from over tens of thousands of representative respondents. Technology User Profile offers a solid reality check when what you’re hearing elsewhere seems too good to be true. Like an audit, it can help make sure you have the most solid numbers to assure your success.

For more information about TUP/Technology User Profile, please visit the MetaFacts website or contact us.