Are Hearables-Users Broader Communicators? (MetaFAQs)

Does it automatically follow that Bluetooth Headset users would be using more ways to communicate than others? Or might they be so delighted with voice communications that they forego texting or even emailing?

After all, the voice is a powerful and effective way to communicatemq0107-570-act_commxhear-2016-10-27_12-59-00, and even more appropriate for certain conversations.

Our research shows that adults using a Bluetooth Headset or VR Headset – either type of hearable – use substantially more types of communication activities than the average adult.

Users of these wearables are twice as likely to be among the broadest communicators.

This is based on our most recent research among 7,336 US adults as part of the Technology User Profile (TUP) 2016 survey.

This MetaFAQs research result addresses one of the many questions profiling active technology users.

Many other related answers are part of the full TUP service, available to paid subscribers. The TUP chapters with the most information about activities is the TUP 2016 Activities Chapter. and also the TUP 2016 Wearables, Hearables, Listening, and Speaking Chapter.

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