Do millennials use more or fewer printers than others? (MetaFAQs)

There’s a broad misconception that younger adults aren’t printing as much as the pioneers who’ve gone before them. That could be a negative sign for the future of major printer manufacturers from HP and Epson to Brother, Lexmark, Dell and Canon.

Do millennials use more or fewer printers than others?

Our research shows that millennial adults (age 28-35) use more printers than the average connected adult.metafacts-metafaqs-mq0011-2016-10-31_09-29-55

On average, they regularly use 1.8 printers, the most used by any age group. Furthermore, just over half (51%) use 2 or more printers.

This is based on our most recent research among 7,336 US adults as part of the Technology User Profile (TUP) 2016 survey.

As we’ve reported in other TUP findings, millennials are resourceful in using many devices at home, their workplaces, and also owned by others.

This MetaFAQs research result addresses one of the many questions profiling active technology users.

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