Who Pays for Government Employee’s Smartphones? [MetaFAQs]

Public entities have a different mandate than private companies, and yet in many ways aren’t that different from most employers.

Their choices for technology devices and services include off-the-shelf products designed for both commercial and consumer users, whether in Government or private enterprise.

Do Government employees use personal smartphones for work?

The vast majority (91%) of Government employees pay for their own phone service, and most (87%) paid for their own Smartphone. This is not substantially different than employees in private industry.metafacts-metafaqs-2016-10-24_07-48-37
Also, the BYOD policies for Government employees aren’t unique, with most employers allowing any type of mobile phone for work-related use, 38% of Government employees and 43% nationwide.

This is based on our most recent research among 7,336 US adults as part of the Technology User Profile (TUP) 2016 survey. In this MetaFAQ, Government employees include those working in local, state, or federal Government.

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