Who are the biggest spenders – Apple’s, Dell’s, HP’s, or Google’s best customers? (MetaFAQs)

Household tech spending continues to grow. Some brands have managed to attract and retain the biggest spenders, while others have a more pedestrian profile.

Apple has consistently lead the market in reaching higher-end market segments, whether higher income or bigger tech spenders. Our most recent research shows how much further ahead of the pack they’ve reached. Adults with 2 or more Apple devices spend 33% more on household tech devices and services in a year than the average U.S. Connected Adult.Tech Spending by Brand Footprint

Adults with 2 or more Android devices or 2 or more HP devices also spend more than average, although their index is below half of Apple’s, at 15% higher and 14% than the national average, respectively.

The mix of spending is different among HP and Android consumers. While HP’s best customers are stronger spenders on Smartphones, digital content, and Internet connection services. Adults with 2 or more Android devices spend more in a year on devices, especially peripherals, as well as printer ink.

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