Where are Samsung smartphone users headed? (MetaFAQs)

Samsung has recently had disastrous problems with their Smartphone batteries, with the Galaxy Note 7. This isn’t the first time that any brands’ Smartphone batteries have had problems, and hopefully for everyone concerned it will be the last.

Even before this happened, our TUP 2016 survey found that many Samsung smartphone users were planning to make a big switch. A higher share of Samsung Smartphone users with purchase plans plan to acquire an Apple iPhone than iPhone users that plan to buy an Android Smartphone from any maker. Also, a higher share of Samsung Smartphone users are undecided about the brand or OS of their upcoming Smartphone acquisition.Smartphone Purchase Plans

These Smartphone purchase plans follow a similar longer-term trend we’ve noted as users migrate towards devices with the same OS Ecosystem, whether that be Apple, Google, or Windows. In part, Apple’s iPad has brought Android and Windows into the fold.


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