What are the primary devices used for each category of activity? (MetaFAQs)

Smartphones are now the dominant device, although only slightly. In active use by 65% of Connected Adults, Tower Desktop PCs have effectively equal penetration at 64%. Notebook PCs aren’t far behind at 53%.

Interestingly, Smartphones are only the primary device for one type of activity – Communication. Even though Communication activities of one kind or another are being use by effectively all (99%) Connected Adults, it’s the only category of activities for which the Smartphone is the preferred device. For nearly every other type of activity, Tower Desktop PCs are the preferred device.

Among adults that use any Connected Device for Communication activities, 31% prefer to use a Smartphone, 12% prefer to use a Tower Desktop PC, and 6% prefer to use a Notebook PC. Communication activities includes voice calls, video calls, emails, chats and other forms.

Activities by Device - from Technology User Profile

Activities by Device – from Technology User Profile


These results are based on the most recent wave of Technology User Profile, the TUP 2014 edition. More can be found in the Activities chapter. The large-scale survey is in its 32nd continuous year, documenting and detailing the full scope of technology adoption and use.
For this MetaFAQs analysis, MetaFacts is sharing a portion of the answers to selected survey questions: specifically the Connected Devices in active use, and the types of activities each one is used for. The full TUP service includes further related details on the types and brands of devices, profiles of those who use Smartphones more than PCs and vice versa, detailed activities within each category and mapped to each device, and much more. The TUP survey gathers comprehensive details about the active usage of many consumer electronics products, including Printers, PC, Smartphones, Basic cell phones, and many other connected devices.

In addition to tracking activities, Technology User Profile details the many devices which online adults use to regularly connect to the Internet. The survey-based research details what people do with their devices, where they spend their technology dollars, and how often they update (or don’t update) their technology products.

Technology companies who want to know more about technology adoption, wireless technology, or about their current or future customers can contact MetaFacts to learn how to subscribe to the rich resources of Technology User Profile.

MetaFAQs – Frequently Asked Questions with answers supported by the facts: the MetaFacts.

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