How many Apple iPhone users have older iPhones or contracts? (MetaFAQs)

As Apple releases its latest round of iPhones, a key question is who will buy. The three major areas of acceptance for the newest iPhones are from first-time Smartphone users, among converted Google Android smartphone users, or within the replacement market of current iPhone users upgrading to a newer iPhone.

To help estimate the market uptake, one of many key questions which MetaFacts addresses: How many Apple iPhone users have older contracts? Subscribers with unexpired contracts or those nearing expiration have a higher likelihood to consider upgrading their iPhone, or to possibly switch to an Android phone.
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Across major Smartphone brands, Apple has the greatest exposure in the market place based on when contracts expire. A higher percentage of its contract subscribers will expire sooner than other major Smartphone makes. 59% of Apple iPhone subscribers either have a contract which will expire by March 2015 or earlier, or whose contracts have already expired. By comparison, other major brands Samsung, LG, and Motorola have fewer subscribers whose contracts will expire by then.


These results are based on the most recent wave of Technology User Profile, the TUP 2014 edition. More can be found in the Mobile Phones chapter. The large-scale survey is in its 32nd continuous year, documenting and detailing the full scope of technology adoption and use.
For this MetaFAQs analysis, MetaFacts is sharing a portion of the answers to selected survey questions: specifically the contract expiration date among Smartphone subscribers. The full TUP service includes further related details on the wireless carriers with the greatest exposure, subscriber profiles, other devices users are using, the activities across multiple connected devices, the age of Smartphones, and the penetration of Basic cell phones. The TUP survey gathers comprehensive details about the active usage of many consumer electronics products, including Smartphones, Basic cell phones, and many other connected devices. The survey also details the segments of buyers which change their technology more – or less – often than others.

In addition to tracking the age and contracts of Smartphones, Technology User Profile details the many devices which online adults use to regularly connect to the Internet. The survey-based research details what people do with their devices, where they spend their technology dollars, and how often they update (or don’t update) their technology products.

Technology companies who want to know more about technology adoption, wireless technology, or about their current or future customers can contact MetaFacts to learn how to subscribe to the rich resources of Technology User Profile.

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