Two-thirds of Online Adults Use Three or More Tech Devices, According to MetaFacts Technology User Profile 2012

Two-thirds of Online Adults Use Three or More Tech Devices, According to MetaFacts Technology User Profile 2012

Smartphones Not Replacing PCs

A MetaFacts Press Release –

ENCINITAS, CA (October 3, 2012)  Use of multiple tech devices is widespread, with 65% of online adults regularly using three or more desktops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, eBook readers, smartphones, or basic feature phones, according to the 2012 Technology User Profile survey from MetaFacts, Inc.

“Nearly one in five online adults use five or more devices, and Netbooks, eBook Readers, and Tablets have reached the majority of these busy tech-jugglers,” said Dan Ness, Principal Analyst at MetaFacts. “As many adults have 4 devices, with Notebooks, Smartphones, and Desktops dominating. For 3-device users, the most common profile is two PCs and a mobile phone. The favorite combination among 2-device adults is the trusty desktop and basic feature phone.”

“Tech-jugglers with 5+ devices include males age 18-24 at double the national rate, males age 25-34 at 82% higher, and males age 35-44 at 32% higher,” said Dan Ness, Principal Analyst at MetaFacts.  “Females age 18-24 are 42% higher than average with this rich of a tech collection.”

In related findings, MetaFacts reports that Smartphones have not replaced PCs. Smartphone subscribers use many more PCs than users of Basic feature phones.

“Smartphones have quickly captured American’s ears, yet they have not fully enticed their fingers and eyes” said Dan Ness, Principal Analyst at MetaFacts. “Instead, the Smartphone activities of American adults overlap and augment much of what they do with their Desktop and Mobile PCs.“

MetaFacts also finds that the number of online adults using Smartphones is nearing the number using Basic feature phones.

“The Smartphone market is being bolstered by former Basic feature phone users,” said Ness, “even while former Smartphones subscribers convert to Basic phones. Furthermore, Smartphone replacement rates are high.”

Other key findings announced today from the 2012 Technology User Profile survey include:

  • Early adopters of mobile phones use the broadest mix of tech devices
  • RIM Smartphone users are more likely to be the biggest tech spenders
  • Facebook users have lower levels of activity, content creation, and engagement than users of other key social networks
  • While Millennials print photos, adult education, and documents from their tablets, GenX print children’s educational documents and Boomers print maps/directions and financials
  • RIM & Windows Smartphone users state the strongest entitlement to text or email while driving
  • Former mobile phone subscribers rate customer service poor and lack of signal an issue

The full 2012 Technology User Profile results are available immediately. Technology companies can subscribe to multiple waves for in-depth trend comparison. For deeper market sizing, segmentation, and analysis, subscribers can license TUP datasets in statistical formats SPSS or SAS, use the easy-to-use survey analysis platform from MarketSight, or retain MetaFacts for custom inquiries. MetaFacts also offers complimentary TUPdates, which give periodic insights on topics and findings.

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