Apple’s Market Footprint and a Racial/Ethnic Glimpse

Apple’s Market Footprint-A Racial/Ethnic Glimpse

A MetaFacts TUPdate by Dan Ness, MetaFacts Principal Analyst

With the sizzle surrounding Apple’s newest iPads, MacBooks, and iPhones, there is the inevitable speculation around Apple’s true market size and composition. Some speculate that Apple’s most loyal fans – that buy all Apple – are at the core of Apple’s market strength. Others conjecture that Apple’s footprint has extended so wide that most of Apple’s pioneering work is done and Apple simply needs to entice its current customers to upgrade or buy other Apple products. The most exuberant estimates seem to foresee the wholesale conversion of the non-Apple masses into the Apple fold.

To help shed light on these and other related questions for serious tech marketers, MetaFacts has analyzed its most recent survey results and produced the Overview Report. The MetaFacts Technology User Profile syndicated research service survey respondents about their use of computers, MP3 players, mobile phones, and many other tech products and services.

Apple’s footprint extends to just under one in three (32%) American adults. These 56.6 million online adults either use an Apple PC or iPad, an Apple iPhone, or an Apple iPod or iTouch. This finding is from a carefully balanced sample of 8,175 adults in the second phase of the Technology User Profile survey.

It may be little surprise that the iPod has driven most of the penetration, in fact reaching over a quarter (27%) of American adults, with the highest usage among listeners age 18-34.

What may surprise some is that there is a racial/ethnic difference. The iPod and iPhone have reached their highest usage rates among adults identifying as Asian/Non-Hispanic and Non-White/Hispanic. Apple iPod penetration of Asian/Non-Hispanic online adults is 52% and among Non-White/Hispanic adults the rate is 42%. Apple iPhone penetration is 5% of online adults, and a more than triple 16% of Asian/Non-Hispanic adults and 12% of Non-White/Hispanic adults.

The full research results are available to current subscribers to the TUP Overview Report or the complete Technology User Profile service.


MetaFacts Technology User Profile Overview Edition – report is available by contacting MetaFacts.  View findings in 25 pages of executive summary analysis, 200+ pages of charts and graphs, all supported by 95+ pages of detailed tables. The complete, 300+ page report is delivered to you electronically. This edition is for the U.S. based on the 2010 wave of Technology User Profile gathered among a scrupulously selected set of representative respondents, surveyed both online and offline.

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