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Extensive information about Digital Entertainment is available in TUP – Technology User Profile.

Technology marketers and researchers know what Johnny Carson pointed out many years ago: “People will pay more to be entertained than educated.”

As fickle consumers continue to change their tastes and preferences, entertainment has been core. In particular, Digital Entertainment has been the closest thing to the fabled silver bullet that will increase market adoption with some products and services becoming hits while others fail and become tech industry footnotes.

Below are a few examples of questions addressed in TUP related to digital entertainment. The full TUP service enables drilling down beyond the answers to these questions to identify which other technologies and services are disruptive and to profile which market segments are and aren’t adopting. TUP is much more than a one-dimensional market view or opinion piece.

  • How many and which segments are watching and renting movies on which platforms?
  • Which market segments are renting movies? Are they renting DVDs at a retailer, by mail, or at a kiosk? Do they watch them online?
  • What other activities are just outside the box for gamers? Online dating? Social Networking? Music? Movies? Entertainment in general?
  • What do most people do with their mobile phone as compared to their PC? Which align with which platforms?
  • How central is game-playing to the general population? How about within certain key market segments?
  • Which segments are the most music-intensive? What is the overlap of music-centered products and services by segment?
  • How tech-experienced are game-players?
  • Are youngsters abandoning (traditional) TV?
  • Is social networking only for certain age groups?
  • Which social networking sites are used most frequently by which segments?
  • Do game players bring their gaming with them into the workplace? To what extent? Which market segment does this the most?
  • To what extent does game-playing drive online usage specifically and tech usage overall?
  • What makes a smartphone a smartphone (in the consumer’s eyes)
  • Which gaming platform dominates with which market segment?
  • Which segments have recently paid for a downloaded mobile phone app?
  • What is the tech-owning profile of active gamers? High-bandwidth or dial-up? Many consumer electronics entertainment products or focused on gaming? Many computers or few? How does this vary by segment?
  • Have game-players been the first to adopt new products such as the Apple iPhone? Or, are they generally later adopters?
  • Which market segments are blogging? How do they compare to social networkers?
  • How has the division of work vs. personal use of technology products continued to blur?
  • What types and combinations of consumer electronics are homes using and planning to use?
  • Which market segments are dating online? What else do they frequently do online?
  • Are Apple’s best customers really unique?
  • Age-related market adoption – which products and services are age-skewed? Which are skewed toward older rather than younger users?
  • Most-mobile customers – where they go and what they do
  • How much of the game-playing population is older versus younger?
  • Navigation, Maps, and GPS – who’s getting directions?
  • How do the segments of mobile phone platforms vary?
  • What are the overall future trends for the Internet?
  • What about the unemployed? Are they more or are they less tech-focused?
  • Are Smartphones really for fun, not communicating?

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The above questions are answered with the TUP 2010 edition, and even more questions are answered in the TUP 2011 edition.

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