Palm User Profile – a TUPdate based on research across 16 countries

Palm User Profile – a TUPdate available from MetaFacts based on Technology User Profile Global Insights Edition

MetaFacts has prepared analysis of Palm users based on survey research across 16 countries and is making these results available to answer the following questions:

Market share – What is Palm’s share of the active installed base? How does this compare to HP’s share? Is Palm stronger in some countries than others? How is this different than Apple’s or RIM’s share?

Usage profile – What activities do Palm users do which sets them apart from users of RIM, Apple, and other mobile phones? Are Palm handhelds more alive than the rumors about most being ancient Palm Pilots and more like PDAs than smartphones? To what extent are Palms used like a phone or communication tool than other handhelds or mobile phones? Are many used like a feature phone? How does this compare to usage of RIM’s Blackberry or Apple’s iPhone? How about with the devices of other makers including Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, or LG?

Freshness – Are Palm mobiles older or newer than other mobile phones?

User profile – Are Palm users primarily older PC veterans or has Palm won younger newbies? Is there any gender difference?

This TUPdate condenses the results of 46,799 user surveys into brief, solid facts, with more than 10 pages of tables and brief analysis. Current subscribers of the Technology User Profile Global Insights Edition may obtain this information directly from MetaFacts, as well as additional customized drilling down into the full dataset.

The countries covered include: United States, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.

To order these results online, contact MetaFacts.

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