Just how more creative are Apple’s users than the Windows crowd?

Apple users have a reputation for being in the creative class. Looking at what Home PC users actually do, and not only what they say, there is some truth to that.

Focusing on two specific activities – creating web pages and writing one’s own blog – Apple Home PC users stand out from all other PC brands. One in nine (11%) of Home PCs used to create web content (pages, blogs) are Apple computers, compared with one in twenty (5%) that don’t create web content. In other words, those few Apple Home PC owners spend proportionately more of their time creating web content than users of other Home PC brands.

Despite the high concentration on Apples, web content created on Home PCs is not completely dominated by Apple users. By sheer numbers, Dell web creators outnumber Apple by nearly three to one. Just under one-third (31%) of Home PCs used to create web content are Dell, followed by nearly one-quarter (24%) that are HP/Compaq, with Apple third with one in nine (11%).


This information is released from the Apple Profile Report, a Technology User Profile solution from MetaFacts. It is based on recent survey-based research, reporting directly from a representative sample of actual users. The Apple Profile Report is available for immediate purchase through the online store at the MetaFacts website – MetaFacts.com

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MetaFacts releases ongoing research on the market shifts and profiles for Windows Vista, Mobile PCs, Workplace PCs, Home PCs, Broadband, Digital Imaging, and many other technology industry topics. These Profile Reports are in a series on specific topics utilizing the Technology User Profile Annual Edition study, which reveals the changing patterns of technology adoption and use in American households and businesses. Interested technology professionals can sign up at https://metafacts.com/contact-metafacts/ for complimentary TUPdates, periodic snapshots of technology markets.

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MetaFacts, Inc. is a national market research firm focusing exclusively on the technology industries. MetaFacts’ Technology User Profile survey is the longest-running, large-scale comprehensive study of its kind, conducted continuously since 1983, the year before Apple released the Apple Macintosh. The detailed results are widely recognized as a primary marketing resource for Fortune 1000 companies providing consumer-oriented technology products and services, such as PCs, printers, peripherals, mobile computing, and related services and products. For more information, contact MetaFacts at 1-760-635-4300 or www.metafacts.com

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