Current Pay TV Customers – the ripest segment?

Although the FCC and NTIA have been focusing on households that will lose all TV service after February 2009, most interest and activity is coming from another market segment.

The strongest percentage of purchase plans for Analog TV Converters is among households that already have Pay TV service, either through cable or satellite. 85% of online households that plan to acquire an Analog TV Converter already have Pay TV service. In stark contrast, only 15% of online households with similar purchase plans do not have Pay TV service. These are the households who are most at risk of losing access to TV broadcasts.

Most Households That Plan To Buy Converters Also Have Pay TV - Analog TV Converter Profile Report
Most Households That Plan To Buy Converters Also Have Pay TV – Analog TV Converter Profile Report



This information is released from the Analog TV Converter Profile Report, a Technology User Profile solution from MetaFacts. It is based on recent survey-based research, reporting directly from a representative sample of actual users. The Analog TV Converter Profile Report is available for immediate purchase through the online store at the MetaFacts website –

Other findings in the Analog TV Converter Profile Report include:

  • How many in each segment have converters?
  • Current Pay TV Households – the earliest adopters
  • Current Pay TV Customers – the ripest segment?
  • Analog TV Converters are not only for seniors
  • Analog TV Converters – a Boy Toy?
  • TV & Educational Levels
  • Success with homemakers & the retired
  • Reaching the smaller households
  • Analog TV Adopters are not only for low-income
  • Children, Pay TV and Analog TV
  • Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt and Fun?
  • Consumer Electronics in Use
  • Planned Consumer Electronics
  • Outlets – Retail & Online

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