Having children in the household does make a difference for Vista

Microsoft seems to have an advantage with households that have children in upgrading to Vista.

No, it’s not as if parents coming home from the hospital have an operating system bundled with the baby. Nor is it that kids are getting Vista on the schoolyard. Not exactly, that is. Computers do play an increasing role in younger student’s studies as well as game-playing. Elsewhere in this report and Technology User Profile, we’ve shared that an increasing number of households have multiple PCs, and that many are being used in children’s bedrooms.

Two out of five (42%) Vista households have children in the home. The age of the child does not seem to matter whether the household has upgraded to Vista. Whether they are teens, tots, or some combination, the presence of children appears to drive the need or desire to upgrade to Vista.

One-third (33%) of Older Window Households do not have children. A quarter (23%) of Older Window Households have retired family members.

Half (48%) of the households that have at least one Apple PC are made up of two people without children. Four out of ten (38%) are households with two people and children, while one in ten (14%) are households of one person.

Long-term and near-term, a child-divide is not great for Apple. Larger households simply mean there’s a greater opportunity for more computer-using customers and the chance for Apple to expand not only its loyalty, but also its legacy.


Other findings in the MetaFacts Operating Systems Profile Report include:

  • Operating System Landscape
    • Multi-PC and Multi-OS Households
  • Home Operating Systems and Demographics
    • Having children in the household does make a difference for Vista
    • Household employment and operating system
    • Education level and operating system within the household
    • Annual household income and operating system
    • People age 18-34 are using more Apple primary home PCs than older people
  • Purchase Channels
    • Apple gets a bigger share of direct sales than Windows PCs
  • PC Brands & Operating Systems
    • New PC brands bought by operating system
    • Total installed base for all primary home PCs shows some movement from the big brands in the new PC market
  • Changes in PC Form Factors – Laptops are coming on strong as new primary PC form factor
  • How Different Operating Systems are Used Differently
    • Email is the most frequent activity of users on all primary home PCs
    • New primary home PC user activities
  • Operating Systems and Other Consumer Electronics
    • Handheld device use and operating system of the household
    • Imaging behavior and household operating system
    • Television viewing habits and operating system in the household
    • Convenience is the key for households that have at least one Apple Home PC
    • Some Older Windows Households are planning to upgrade while still taking advantage of older technology
  • Technology Attitudes and Operating Systems
    • Attitudes of adult PC users vary with operating system

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