The eight busiest mobile-PC-using occupations

The eight busiest mobile-PC-using occupations

There is a wide difference in mobile PC activity by occupational group. As few as 7% of some occupations use a mobile PC 40 or more hours per week. As many as 37% of other occupational groups use their PC this much.

When looking at occupational groups by the percent that use mobile PCs the most, 8 groups are above average: Consultant/Analysts, Computer Technologists, Creative/Writer/Performer, Finance, Scientist/Engineer, Management, Legal, and Non-IT Technical. All of these groups have nearly one-fifth (18%) or more of their mobile users who use their mobiles 40 or more hours per week.

Occupations Using Mobile PCs 40 or More Hours per Week - Busy Mobiles Profile Report

Occupations Using Mobile PCs 40 or More Hours per Week – Busy Mobiles Profile Report

This information is released from the Busy Mobiles Profile Report, a Technology User Profile solution from MetaFacts. It is based on recent survey-based research, reporting directly from a representative sample of actual users. The Busy Mobiles Profile Report is available for immediate purchase through the online store at the MetaFacts website –

Other findings in the MetaFacts Busy Mobiles Profile Report include:

  • How many busy Mobiles?
  • Who are these busy users?
  • The Most Busy Mobile PC Users are in Certain Occupations
  • What keeps the busiest so busy?
  • Who Owns the Busiest Mobile PCs?
  • What are the Attitudes of the Busiest?
  • What Kinds of Mobile PCs are Used the Most?
  • Locations Where the Busiest Mobile PCs are Used
  • Where the Busiest Stop to Shop
  • Electronics Used by the Busiest Mobile PC Households
  • Shopping List of the Busy Mobile PC Household

MetaFacts releases ongoing research on the market shifts and profiles for Windows Vista, Mobile PCs, Workplace PCs, Home PCs, Broadband, Digital Imaging, and many other technology industry topics. These Profile Reports are in a series on specific topics utilizing the Technology User Profile Annual Edition study, which reveals the changing patterns of technology adoption and use in American households and businesses.

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MetaFacts, Inc. is a national market research firm focusing exclusively on the technology industries. MetaFacts’ Technology User Profile survey is the longest-running, large-scale comprehensive study of its kind, conducted continuously since 1983, the year before Apple released the Apple Macintosh. The detailed results are widely recognized as a primary marketing resource for Fortune 1000 companies providing consumer-oriented technology products and services, such as PCs, printers, peripherals, mobile computing, and related services and products. For more information, contact MetaFacts at 1-760-635-4300 or

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